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Rare Penny worth big bucks | Vic Slick |

Rare Penny worth big bucks | Vic Slick |

While uncle Sam mints new coins at the rate of 8 billion this year, the coin collectors’ boom aggravates the country’s acute shortage of change. From left to right, a 1964 proof coin made for collectors, worth about $1; 1943 zinc-coated steel penny, worth 50 cents; 1914 D (for Denver Mint) cent, very rare, worth $6050 and 1909 S VDB (S for San Francisco, VDB for designer Victor D. Brenner) worth about $325. (AP Photo/RG)

Time to check your pockets or wherever you have some spare change. You could have a coin worth big money! A very rare WWII penny is going up for auction & could fetch up to $1.7 million. Wow! I’m checking my piggy bank when I get home. Read the whole story here.

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