Do you watch any cooking shows? Restaurant shows? Well – one of them is filming right now in Redlands. Restaurant Impossible is taking over Mill Creek Cattle Co drive thru restaurant on Orange Tree Lane. Right across from Splash Kingdom. I noticed a bunch of trucks in the parking lot yesterday and this morning. The make-over/filming starts today and goes thru Friday. This show follows Robert Irvine to failing eateries and see if he can help with only 10-grand and the help of local volunteers. Click here for more info.   

 This is an amazing story. A Victorville couple was browsing in a Santa Barbara jewelry store back in 2004 – just before the guy was about to be deployed for a second tour in Iraq. Anyway – they were looking for engagement rings that were way out of their budget. The only other guy in the store was the late actor Paul Walker. He asked them what they did for a living – and when the guy said he just came back from Iraq – Paul kinda transformed. The couple eventually left without the 9-thsnd dollar ring but a saleswoman called them and told them to come back. They gave them a little shopping bag and said ‘here is your ring’. First the coupe thought the store workers pooled their money together for them – but this week they found out it was indeed Paul Walker who paid for it… and wanted to stay anonymous about it. His real life speaks volumes of his character,”(Kyle and Kristen Upham are from Victorville) 

Yesterday Madison Square Garden in NYC says that Billy Joel will be taking up permanent residence starting in january. If you are planning a trip to NYC to see this show get ready to shell out some big bucks. The average price for average seats – 500-bucks! They have permanent shows in Vegas – Celine Dion, Elton John and Britney Spears. Why not the Big Apple.  

You know that obnoxious Christmas card that the Karashians relased this week? If you watch their show you saw the behind the scenes of the photoshoot. Anyway – they spent 250-thsnd dollars producing that holiday card. What a waste of money.  

And now – some adorable pictures of Katy Perry and John Mayer.  Its their first photo-shoot together.  Look for these and more in Vanity Fair.    



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