I used to hear stories about Madonna being so strict with her kids – that they were never allowed to watch tv because its poison and a bad influence. But apparently booze at 13 is ok. She tweeted a pic Saturday of her 13yr old son Rocco – with his 2 friends all holding bottles of booze. The caption “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014”  you don’t see the boys actually drinking – just holding bottles of Gin and Vodka. On new years day Rocco – who has his own twitter page – posted a pic of himself holding a glass of champagne and another in front of a liquor cabinet.

OK parents – thoughts on this? Is it ok to give your kids a little booze while celebrating a special occasion (in this case New Years Eve). Or is there never a good excuse for underage drinking. Discuss… 

Tori Spelling and her hubby are on the move again. Radar-online says the McDermott family moved again – and abandoned one of their fully-loaded SUV a the Tarazan house they were renting. After only nine months there, the couple and their four kids packed up and moved out of that 7-thsnd dollar a month house. But now they are in a place that cost 10-grand a month four miles down the road. And they left the SUV unlocked with 4 car seats and a dvd player. Tori and Dean have been dealing with a cheating scandal on top of the claims that they are broke.

Time for a round of ‘Celebrities who want to be Politicians’


#1 American Idol alumClay Aiken may run for Congress in North Carolina.

#2 – Actor Steven Seagal may run for Arizona governor.

The NY Post claims Sean Penn and Charlize Theron may be dating. They spent New Year’s together at his Hawaii home. Insiders say Charlize wants more kids. “She is eying the possibility of adopting a child from her native South Africa this time, but she hasn’t decided.”
Charlie Sheen took a little cheap shot at Ashton Kutcher – for no reason. Ashton took over Charlies place on 2 and a half men after Charlies epic meltdown. Up until yesterday – he never really said anything mean. On Sunday Charlie Tweeted a promo picture from the show, featuring Ashton and Jon Cryer and the caption: “Hey Jon!!!  u r a GENIUS!!!  I love and MISS YOU old pal!  Q; who’s your lame sidekick?”  And he added the hashtag, #NiceTryCanonBoy.”  (Ashton is a NIKON spokesman.) Is Charlie that bored?

So they have decided what to do with Paul Walker’s “Fast and Furious” character. Brian O’Connor won’t be killed off in the upcoming 7th installment.  Instead, the filmmakers will “retire” the character in a way that gives him a proper send-off and allows the franchise to continue without him.

After 7 weeks at the box office – Frozen is back on top. The Disney movie raked in 20-million over the weekend. #2 Paranormal Activity – The Marked Ones. Rounding off the top 5 – The Hobbit, The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. Btw – speaking of the Wolf of Wall Street – Variety claims the Leo DiCaprio movie set a new record for the most number of F-bombs dropped in a nonfiction film. It had 506.


The National Enquirer claims OJ Simpson may have a brain tumor. A source tells the tabloid, ”O.J. says his memory is slipping and he gets painful headaches and other symptoms. He put off the doctors for weeks after he first started experiencing the symptoms because he was afraid of what they would find. Now the prison docs are telling him they believe he has a brain tumor. They plan to run a series of tests on him, MRIs and CT scans. He began suffering dizzy spells, nausea, lapses in memory and headaches – and the frightening symptoms continue to get worse.”



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