The people at “Maxim” magazine have named 38-year-old Eva Longoria their Woman of the Year.. She started as the hottie on Desperate Housewives and has blossomed into a business woman and tv producer.  Love her!  Here’s the best part – Eva actually had to reschedule her “Maxim” interview because she was getting her MASTERS.  She says, quote, “I was like, ‘My brain can’t jump that fast from a ‘Maxim’ interview to a thesis!’”

Good news ladies. Reason to watch the Super Bowl. David Beckham has reportedly secured a deal to star in a Super Bowl ad. He will be featured in a new campaign for his H&M bodywear collection. Translation – his underwear. Its a 30-second spot. (Not long enough). Fingers crossed they will air it it more than once. Beckham will be seen running across London and jumping around large pipes in the commercial, while wearing just a vest and underwear.  Super Bowl 48 will air February 2nd.  

Jennifer Hudson bought her assistant a home for Christmas. She posted a video of him joyfully screaming about the purchase.  click here for the video!  

Sandra Bullock learned a hard lesson when it came to googling herself recently. While accepting an award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday the 49-year-old told the audience that she googled herself to get some tidbits on what people really think of her. She said… “No human being should ever read the comments sections or ever Google one’s self at any time.” The Oscar winner joked, “Some things I was very well aware of. ‘Sandra Bullock is over 40′ ‘Sandra Bullock’s way past 40.’ “‘There’s absolutely nothing special about her acting. She’s not particularly attractive, I can’t stand her, she’s mediocre. She’s over 40.’” But it wasnt all bad – some said she had good hair, good teeth. She made a lot of people laugh with some chick flicks. She added ‘I sparked with Betty White and I’ve flown into space. I’ve had a pretty good life and a pretty good career.”  Amen to that Sandra!

Do you watch Scandal? Kerry Washington is the gorgeous and brilliant DC fixer – having an affair with the President of the US. Well – guess who is a big fan? Former president Bill Clinton. Insiders tell The National Enquirer say he never misses an episode. Insiders also say Hillary is not too thrilled with that. She is not the only one. Did you know first lady Michelle Obama banned Kerry from the White House after her hubby began “flirting” with the 36-year-old actress? That’s what I hear. Actress Kerry Washington is married and expecting her first child later this year.

The National Enquirer claims Leonardo DiCaprio may win a $500-thsnd dollar bet he made with Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck. These guys are all high-rolling gamblers. Apparently Tobey and Ben bet Leo quarter of a million dollars each that he’d be married and a dad by age 40. Leo took the bet and went on to date a string of babes – supermodels, but never got serious enough to tie the knot. Leo turns 40 this year and so far – he is still happily single. As you can imagine Tobey and Ben are sweating big-time. Leo is telling pals he can’t wait to collect every last buck from Tobey and Ben!” 

a few quickies….

f you are a fan of the Boss – you should start watching The Good Wife. Three of Bruce Springsteen’s new songs will be featured on the January 12th episode on CBS.
Rolling Stone claims Billy Joel botched his New Year’s Eve countdown. He was performing in Brooklyn when he counted down 30 seconds early. Joel counted down again as everyone sang “Auld Lang Syne”.

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart will reunite for the CBS special The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles.

Keith Urban and John Mayer will perform together during the CBS special The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles

Michelle Obama is vacationing at Oprah’s Maui estate.  Her hubby and the girls were with her on vacay – but left for DC a few days ago.  She is staying a few extra days with some girlfriends for her birthday.  




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