Have you always dream of going out on a date with George Clooney? Yea – me too. Well – for the low low price of 10-bucks… you might get the chance. The Hollywood dreamboat will go on a date with a perfect stranger in NYC next month to benefit a charity. The lucky winner will be randomly selected from those who make the donation to the Satellite Sentinel Project. A surveillance program that tracks Sudan’s President and his army in an attempt to deter war crimes. The more entries you buy – the cheaper they are. If you really want to gaze into Clooneys eyes – but 500 or more entries and they’ll only cost 5-bucks. So here’s what you get. You and a friend flown to NYC. Backstage at Letterman show for George’s interview. You get to ride to the premiere with George, walk the red carpet with him, then sit VIP front row for Monuments Men. As if that wasn’t enough – you then go to the after-party as Georges VIP guest! Even if you don’t win the grand prize – there are a few other perks to entering. First 50-donors who buy more than 200 entries will get a chance to receive flowers with a card singed by Clooney.  

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So how are things going with Lindsay Lohan and Oprah? Not so good. The NY Daily News claims production on Oprah’s reality series about Linds is being delayed because of Lindsay. Insiders say “She never does what she says she is going to do. She cancels all the time and is highly erratic. It has been frustrating to work on this project from the start. It’s all about Lindsay and it is clear she has no respect for the crew.”

Oprah: Where Are They Now? on OWN tonight. You will like this lineup… The original “Karate Kid,” Ralph Macchio, Peter Scolari of “Bosom Buddies,” singer Kenny Loggins, and Tia and Tamera Mowrey of “Sister, Sister” talk about the pros and cons of being a celeb at a young age.

On Sunday – The Bachelor is on ABC. The Golden Globes are on NBC.

Tickets for Coachella go on sale today. It’s the first time OutKast is performing together in 7 years. The three day festival is happening April 11-13 and 18-20. So if you are not going to Coachella – avoid the desert those weekends because traffic is going to be a nightmare!!!

Lone Survivor is in theaters today. Thats the Mark Wahlberg flick about the Navy SEALs and Al Qaida. There is a lot of Oscar buzz about this movie.  

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