This seems a little excessive, but police raided Justin Bieber’s house yesterday looking for evidence that he egged his neighbor’s home last week!!   Seriously . . . 11 LA Sheriffs showed up with a federal search warrant. Its a federal thing because of the amount of damage that was allegedly done to the neighbors house. They say 20-thsnd dollars worth. What? Justin didn’t answer questions because he didn’t have a lawyer present.  Police say he hasn’t been charged or cleared yet. One thing they were looking for is video from Justin’s own surveillance cameras that shows him in the act of vandalizing his neighbor’s house. The cops did find drugs – still testing it to see if its ‘molly’ or cocaine. It belonged to Justin’s friend Lil Za who was arrested.

Jenny McCarthy as the Bachelorette. It could have happened. She wanted to do it. Her agent pitched it. ABC said … no thanks. No we’re not using celebrities at this time.’ That was 10 years ago.”

American Idol is back on TV tonight! We welcome back judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez and newby Harry Connick Jr – auditions tonight are in Boston and Austin Texas.

This afternoon – Former Idol Judge Ellen DeGeneres talks to all three judges on her talk show.

Top Earning American Idols for 2013 according to Forbes.

1. Carrie Underwood – $31 million 

2. Kelly Clarkson – $7 million

3. Phillip Phillips/Adam Lambert – $5 million

5. Chris Daughtry – $4 million

Just announced this am – Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are going to perform at the Grammys – Sunday January 26th. The Beatles celebrate their 50th anniversary. Paul is also nominated for 2 Grammys.

Prince is going to guest star on the episode of ‘New Girl’ that airs after the Super Bowl. He will play himself. Apparently he is a big fan of the show – and contacted them about being on.

Duck Dynasty is back on A&E big PREMIERE … lets see how last months scandal affects the ratings.

Oprah is selling her Chicago condo for $7.75 million. The Water Tower property features four bedrooms and 9,600 square feet.



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