Bachelor star Juan Pablo needs to just be quiet and look pretty. JP plans to meet with GLAAD after making controversial comments on Saturday. He was quoted as saying: “And there’s this thing about gay people, that it seems to me, and I don’t know if I’m mistaken or not, you know I have a lot of friends and that, they’re more pervert in a sense.” Now he is saying it was taken out of context. That some of his best friends are gay. That English is his second language and he was mis-understood. Ay ya ya!

Magic Johnson, Smokey Robinson, Al Roker, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Rachel Ray, Paul McCartney and Samuel L. Jackson all attended Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party over the weekend. Beyonce and John Legend sang at the event. Barack did the ‘Dougie’ dance.


Box office numbers –

#1. “Ride Along” #2. “Lone Survivor” #3. “The Nut Job” rounding off the top 5… “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” and “Frozen”


Showbiz Spy claims Fox has canceled Kris Jenner’s talk show. FOX released a statement on Friday that read: “Kris will not be on the schedule for the 2014 syndication season.” Insiders say viewers ‘tuned out and genuinely don’t want to see her on daytime television, in any format.’ 

So – is Oprah upset about not being nominated for an Oscar? Oprah tells Access Hollywood – ”I do not think I was robbed at all. How dare anybody say that I was robbed … Robbed? Are you kidding? Never, never, never! Because when you look at the category – Julia, and Sally, and June, and Jennifer, and Lupita!  That’s what’s so wonderful about the Oscars. There are wonderful films, and the fact that you have so many films that you can’t even get people in all the categories”.

Is Johnny Depp engaged? Well – sorta. He has purchased a commitment ring for Amber Heard. Insiders say the ring has an inscription on the inside in tiny writing which is a love note from him to her. No one’s seen him this head-over-heels ever, he’s like a different guy. All his angst has gone and for once he seems anchored and happy. They’re starring in a film together later this year and wherever she goes, he goes. They’re never apart for long now.”

America’s Favorite TV Personality – thats a pretty big title. A new Harris poll came up with a top 10 list. I’ll give you the top 5. Jay Leno was 5th. Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory is 4th. Jon Stewart was #3. Mark Harmon from NCIS was #2. any guesses on #1? for the second year in a row – Ellen DeGeneres.  Here is the rest of the top 10.  

6.  Stephen Colbert.  He wasn’t even in the Top 10 last year. 

7.  “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck.  He was #10 last year.

8.  Oprah Winfrey.  She was also #8 last year.

9.  A tie between Robin Williams and Steve Harvey.  Neither of them were in the Top 10 last year.  For Robin, that’s because he wasn’t on TV last year.  He’s now on the CBS sitcom “The Crazy Ones”.

Bill O’Reilly who was #6 last year, didn’t make this year’s list.  Neither did Anderson Cooper or David Letterman who were #7 and #9 last year, respectively.  

A few celebrity quickies…

Dennis Rodman has checked into rehab

The Hollywood Reporter claims Will Smith will be Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show guest. U2 will be his first musical guest claims the release of the Superman – Batman movie has been pushed back to 2016.  

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