Gwen Stefani posted this adorable ‘im so pregnant selfie’ photo on her twitter.  She is wearing a skin-tight minidress over black leggings and sky-high heels.  Some of her hashtags include – #inappropriateshoes #capturethemoment #miracle.


Yesterday we told you about The Rock – Dwayne Johnson giving his housekeeper of 10-years a new SUV. Well, today its another celeb doing something really generous – but not for the same reasons. Showbiz Spy claims Ben Affleck recently paid for a woman’s groceries at Whole Foods. Here is the story – The woman in front of Ben kept swiping her credit card after her cartload of groceries had been rung up – but it was finally declined. The woman insisted there had to be a mistake, and kept asking the cashier to run it again. When the woman’s card was absolutely declined, she tried a debit card – and when that didn’t work, said she’d punched in the wrong PIN and started all over again. Ben, who was getting a little annoyed – apparently he was in a hurry – whipped out his own credit card, swiped it in the machine. The woman tried to refuse Ben’s generosity, insisting her card would work, but Ben told her, ‘Don’t worry…it’s a gift from me!’ 

Eddie Murphy has a bunch of kids. But Brando Murphy is not one of them. This guy is a young comedian and he is billing himself as Eddies kid. He legally changed his last name to Murphy. He is performing with Richard Pryors real son – on the Sons of Comedy tour. And he has been seen at Coffee bean that Eddie Murphy usually goes to and screams – ‘My father wont talk to me’. Eddies lawyers have sent him several letters threatening to sue him for millions if he doesn’t stop. He is not backing down – sent his own threatening letter to Eddie insisting he never presented himself as Eddies son. Really?  

A new survey reveals that 52% of men and 66% of women would allow their partner to have a ‘free pass’ with a celebrity.

Most Popular Free Passes For Men include – 1- Kim Kardashian 2 -Katy Perry 3 -Mila Kunis 4 -Rihanna 5 -Jennifer Lopez

Most Popular Free Passes For Women are 1 -Ryan Gosling 2 -George Clooney 3 -Brad Pitt 4 -David Beckham 5 -Drake





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