A lot of folks watched The Bachelor Wedding last night. Actually I was going back and forth between the Grammys and Sean & Catherine saying I Do. Not because I really care about them – I just love weddings! And Yes – I got a little teary eyed. They wrote their own vows -and a bunch of bachelor and bachelorettes from years past were there for the live event on ABC.  Click here and here for some amazing pictures from guests.    

Meanwhile on CBS – it was ALL about collaborations last night at the Grammys. Beyonce and Jay Z started the show in a sexy performance.  Amazing!  

Robin Thicke and Chicago sang a few favorites. Carol King and Sarah Bareilles sing Brave.

Macklemore sings Same Love. Queen Latifah marries 33 couples then Madonna comes out in a white suit and sings Open Your Heart. Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony introduce the award for Best Pop Vocal Album. Bruno Mars wins and accepts the award.

Of course the Beatles were honored for 50 year sin the biz. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney DID perform together – despite rumors of the opposite.  Just one song.  Click here for more pics and a very uncomfortable introduction from Ozzy Osborne.  

P!nk did the acrobat thing – again!  She’s done it before but I must say it is quite spectacular!  (PS – Pssst – Miley Cyrus.  Wanna be cool, loved and have everyone talk about you? Follow P!nks lead. And Beyonce. Really, take notes kid.)

Taylor Swift almost got whip-last performing on stage.  i counted – 7 times.  really weird.  But she looked and sounded amazing!  Oh – there is another moment – when they were announcing Album of the Year.    She kinda thought she won… but she didn’t.   (in her defense – they both start with the letter ‘R’?)  Click here to see the video.  


Lots of hits (Taylor in Gucci)- a few misses (Madonna- Ralph Lauren.  although her son looks adorbs.) on the red carpet yesterday.  Click here for more pictures of the Grammy fashions.   








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