Howie Mandel was on Jay Leno last night. And actually Howie has been on the Tonight Show over 80 times and has never done this one thing. Shaken his hand. They have been friends for years and years… never a hand shake. That’s just Howie’s thing. OCD – germaphobe. Anyway – last night. After sticking his hand in a bowl of purel – he shook Jays hand. But you have to see this video. The look on his face – the hesitation – so funny. 


Bruno Mars is getting ready for the big halftime show this weekend. At a press conference yesterday he says that last year he and his bandmates were watching Beyonce’s halftime performance and talked about how cool it would be to get an invitation to play the Super Bowl.  Power of attraction people – anyway he says they have been rehearsing and the frigid temperatures might turn his microphone into a “popsicle”.


Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are going to star in the “Sharknado” sequel, “Sharknado: The Second One”.  






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