So there is a chance that David Letterman and Jay Leno might kiss and make up. Insiders say “After blowing a few breezy kisses at Jay on-air, Dave quietly reached out behind the scenes and told him it’s finally time to bury the hatchet and move on. CBS execs are going NUTS, knowing the show will be a ratings bonanza! Jay, who’s no dummy, doesn’t want to do anything that’d alienate him from NBC, but he’s giving the idea serious consideration — knowing huge Leno-Letterman ratings will totally upset those network execs who pushed him out for the younger Fallon. The beef started years ago – when Leno replaced Johnny Carson and not Letterman.  


Were the Red Hot Chili Peppers faking it at the Super Bowl Halftime show? If you look at some photos from the Super Bowl halftime show, it sure looks like Flea didn’t bother to plug in his bass and Josh – may have been playing air-guitar, too. Flea seemed to CONFIRM that yesterday in a vague Tweet saying, quote, “No trickery.  No choice, but no trickery.”  No one has commented directly. Now, there’s a possibility that they’re connected to some sort of a wireless amplification system . . . but in that case, there would still be a transmitter hooked up to the guitars’ output jacks, and they’d be wearing wireless packs.

Perez Hilton claims Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a major drug problem. A source tells the site, “He was what we call a heavy ‘red liner.’ That means he liked to shoot [heroin] with a needle, but he also sniffed it daily. And he was majorly hooked on Oxy, too.” TMZ says there were 50-to-65 bags of heroin in his apartment at the time of his death. Radar Online claims the cops also found 20 used hypodermic needles, a charred spoon and anti-anxiety medications. Authorities are working to find out if the heroin was mixed or tainted with another substance — a powerful blend of heroin and synthetic morphine has been tied to a string of recent deaths in New York and Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, Hoffman’s autopsy was conducted yesterday, and the results are expected to be released today. 


I can think of a few former Idol contestants who would have loved to throw some knives at Simon Cowell. Simon recently took part in a knife-throwing stunt on Britain’s Got Talent. An 11-year-old boy lined Simon up in front of a target and tossed a knife. It missed wide before the second knife came within millimeters of Simon. The paper claims he was sweating and shaking. 

Steve Perry says he is open to a reunion with Journey and Neil Schon. He says “Bands are the most amazing thing. The older I get, the more I do realize how important what we had all together and how it worked. I brought things out of them and they certainly brought a lot of my vocal stuff out of me…” So – Jesse – Im saying there’s a chance – Journey might get back together in your lifeitme.  



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