When people ask me how much weight I’ve lost – I give them my latest number and usually end it with ‘more or less.  give or take’.   We all know how the scale likes to keep you guessing depending on the time of day, right?  I usually do it in the morning, but not every morning.  So its a guessing game lately.  I weighed myself on Saturday afternoon (a big no-no) and it said i was down to 192.  Which is 60-lbs since my weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians!!!  Woo-hoo!

Of course Sunday morning I was up 2 lbs…lol!  Anyway – I cool with it.  Im so happy with my results from the gastric sleeve procedure.  I’ve got before and after pics and some new recipes – find out more on my  blog.  

plus i have a link to this cool website that calculates how much weight you lose to common things.  awesome!

xo, irm





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