Sports Illustrated is really going all out with the swimsuit issue this year. First – they made a thousand issues with Barbie on the cover. The original curvy blonde in a swimsuit. Then the released the issue – with 3 gorgeous models on the cover. Its a first. And yesterday – they explain the special back cover – which features Kate Upton in a gold bikini … photographed in zero gravity. The pictures are pretty cool – and there is a video too. Its pretty cool.  Click here for more behind the scenes pics and  the video.    

Dancing with the stars pro Derek Hough has the golden touch when it comes to creating amazing routines… he has won that big mirror ball trophy 5 times!! Well – he is such a good dancer/choreographer it doesn’t matter if you are wearing ballroom shoes or ice skates. Did you know – he helped with American Ice Dancing Team – Charlie White and Meryl Davis – who just won the first us gold medal in that events history. White and Davis have been skating together for 17years – but for the Olympics they brought in their secret weapon – Dereks choreography. It worked. The women’s figure skating short program is today and also US Hockey team takes on Czec Republic. 

Richie Sambora has developed a line of bikinis called Nikki Rich. Nordstrom’s will sell them.

Oprah knows how to take care of her family. The generous talk show icon just spoiled her long-lost half sister Patricia Lofton who was introduced publicly in 2011 on Oprahs show. She gave her a hefty monthly allowance so she can quit her job and then bought her a 490-thsnd dollar home in Wisconsin.

Charlie Sheen is engaged and says he is going to have a one-sentence pre-nup with Brett Rossi. ‘You keep your stuff and I’ll keep mine.’ he says prenups poison marriages.

The National Enquirer claims Clint Eastwood recently tipped a server $100 even after she messed up his order. The server said, “I’m so sorry…I just moved here from Missouri to become an actress…I’ve never been a waitress before!” Clint smiled and told her – “If this was your audition as a waitress, you failed. But as a good person, you passed! Good luck with everything.”



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