Jimmy Kimmel has topped his own prank skills with a viral video from the 2014 Winter Olympics. When luger Kate Hansen posted a video of a wolf in her Sochi hotel hallway, more than 1 million fell for the gag!! Hansen posted the video to YouTube on Wednesday (Feb. 19), with the title “Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in my hall.” The short video did indeed appear to show a wolf or a large, wolfish dog wandering a hallway and filmed through a cracked-open door. But it turns out this is a fake. Kimmel posted on Twitter the following day – he said .. if you are going to cry wolf get an actual wolf to cry with you. He was kinda poking fun at all the reporters and Olympians describing poor hotel conditions at the beginning of the Olympics, a wolf roaming the hallway isn’t a huge stretch.  BTW - Rugby is the wolf. He is a timberwolf rescue.  click here for the video!


Michelle Obama joined  Jimmy Fallonand Will Ferrell (both in drag as teenage girls) for a hilarious edition of “Ew!” on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” The First Lady played it straight, encouraging “Sara” and “Stacy” to make healthy choices. It’s definitely worth watching.  click here for the video.  


Bad editing or bogus engagement? It could go either way. If you watch Keeping up with the Kardashians – they just aired the Kanye/Kim proposal at AT&T Park… its where she got that ginormous 15-carat ring from Kanye – you cant miss it!!  Which brings us the episode that aired the week BEFORE the big engagement. Kim is seen wearing the ring while she is folding baby clothes for North. Hmmm… It could just be a really bad editing job on the producers part – who piece together the show. Or… was the whole engagement faked for the cameras? (my money is on bed editing)  click here for more photos and videos.  You be the judge.  




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