Jimmy Fallon could bring the end of late night talk shows! Jimmy does a lot more music and comedy sketches and stunts than any other late night hosts.. and his ratings have been great so far. Granted its – only been a week. So the jury is still out. During his first week hosting “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy only spent 33% of each show actually TALKING to guests . . . as opposed to Jay Leno’s average of 51%.  And his ratings have been great so far. Jimmy is basically doing a cleaner, shorter SNL with short interview segments in between. Speaking of stunts – Fallon and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have agreed to a Polar Bear Plunge in Chicago this weekend. 

Legendary actor and director Harold Ramis passed away at age 69. He was battling auto-immune inflammatory vasculitis. Its extremely rare – it causes inflammation of the blood vessels. He was diagnosed with it just 4 years ago. Harold wrote and starred in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. He also wrote Animal House, Caddyshack, Back to School, Stripes, Meatballs and Analyze This.

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are seperated. They have been married for 8 years and together since they were teenagers. They have one son.  

The Miami Beach police gave Simon Cowell an official warning yesterday for bringing his 2 Yorkshire Terriers onto the beach. Simon was sunning with Lauren Silverman and their son when he was warned. The family left shortly thereafter. Forget the dogs – who takes a week old baby to the beach!!!???  

Three years after taking the reins from Larry King, Piers Morgan has produced disastrous ratings and a new boss who wants change. So, yes it’s true, Piers is leaving his prime time show on CNN. Rumors I’m hearing Jay Leno.  

The Oscars are this Monday… and just in case the Oscar nominees don’t win one of the coveted trophy, they always have a swag bag to take home.This year’s bag is estimated to be valued between $45-$48,000, which is kind of on the low end. The cheap[est thing – a 4-dollar bottle of Windex touch-up cleaner. Theres a 5-thsnd dollar vampire facelift, high end tequila and maple syrup. and the most expensive thing is a 7 day trip to Australia worth 12-grand. All of that for people who didn’t win the Oscar who can afford this stuff anyway. Nice.

Kevin Spacey, Ellen DeGeneres, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Martin Scorsese, the Hemsworth brothers, Seth Rogen, Morgan Freeman, Andy Garcia, and a few more big big names will all appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show after the Oscars.  Take that Jimmy Fallon!  

a few quickies…

Amanda Bynes’ DUI charge was dismissed yesterday after she plead no contest to reckless driving. She will be on probation for three years, pay a fine and attend alcohol education classes.

Deadline.com claims CNN may launch a new series starring Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin

David Hasselhoff’s own Knight Rider car is being auctioned off to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  cool!!  The 1986 Pontiac Firebird is up for bids along with his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, awards for his singing career, a lifeguard’s jacket from the set of Baywatch, and his acoustic guitar.   Click here for more info.  




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