12 Years a Slave won for best picture last night – Will Smith the winner of this years Razzies was the presenter – nice touch. The night’s big winner was “Gravity”, which took home SEVEN Oscars. They were mostly technical awards, like editing, visual effects and sound mixing. But ALFONSO CUARON also got Best Director. “Dallas Buyers Club” won THREE Oscars, including Best Actor for MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and Best Supporting Actor forJARED LETO. Amazing performances on the screen – equals amazing acceptance speeches on stage last night. Jared and Matthew paid tribute to their moms – so sweet. Cate Blachett told everyone that women in film can hold their own. Loved it. And Lupita Nyong’o was so sweet – telling kids everywhere – ‘no matter where you are from – your dreams are valid.”

Ladies – if you have a little girl – or you are a girl at heart. you waiting to hear the song from Frozen being sung by the star of the film. And after you heard John Travolta introduce her you were probably as confused as I was…  (watch it here)   Adele Dazeem’??  - her name is Idina Menzel. John I’m sure you have seen Rent or Glee… you have a daughter!!  Yikes!! You had ONE job!!  lol!  Idina had a great comeback – on twitter she said ‘thank you Jorn Tramoloto’.  


click here for videos of the acceptance speeches.    

the ultimate #selfie!!  star studded and it was re-tweeted so many times it actually BROKE Twitter last night!  #clockwise (starting far left) #jaredleto #jenniferlawrence #dannymoder #juliaroberts #kevinspacey #bradpitt #angelinaJolie #lupitaNyongo #lupitasbrother #bradleycooper #ellendegeneres #merylstreep

abd she had pizza delivered -

Ellen did a great job hosting – how could you go wrong when you order 99 pizzas for all the a-listers wearing designer dresses and tuxes. You only see the three that made it to the audience. Brad Pitt gave out plates and napkins. Kevin Spacey took pizza to the cheap seats. Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria delivered the pies.

TMZ says the delivery guy was picked up in a van sent by the Academy and claims he didn’t get a tip. (I doubt it – I’m sure they took care of him before he left and probably still got whatever Ellen collected!)  Mama’s & Papa‘s pizza joint got more than $10 million in publicity and didn’t have to pay a penny — in fact, they actually got paid. A single spot on the telecast ran for around $1.8 million … according to Variety – they timed it out … Ellen spent 2 minutes passing out the 3 pies and another minute collecting the cash. That’s $10.8 mil. Thats a lot of dough!  (sorry – had to do it!)

Now lets talk fashion… (my favorites)   

Cate Blanchett

Angelina Jolie

and she may not be an actress – but Giulianna Rancic nailed it with this dress.  #stunning


a few more lovey gowns…

charlize theron, kerry washington, anne hathaway and amy adams.

who was your favorite?  Sandra Bullock and Kate Hudson looked amazing too!  click here for more pics.


in other news…  ’member him?  you ‘member!

George Lopez arrested for public intoxication. He was in Canada performing at a casino/hotel Thursday night. After the show he drank like a fish – he says 50-something shots total… then passed out. Unfortunately it was on the floor of the casino. Gross. He performed again Friday night. And opened the show with “I just did in Windsor, what Justin Bieber does in America” . Sure,  60-yr old George compare yourself to a 20-yr old. And on a borrowed kidney no less.





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