Michael Jackson has a secret son. But wait – maybe its his secret brother. Or –  it could be none of the above. There was an ‘off the wall’ dna test done yesterday – and the results are interesting. Singer Brandon Howard claims MJ is his father – but he doesn’t want any money or anything. His mom is Miki Howard – a singer who used to go by the name ‘Billy’. Joe Jackson was repping her too. Thats important to know. Because they did a DNA test and at first they said he was officially the ‘son of pop’ but now experts are saying he is the ‘brother of pop’.  YES – Joe Jackson is the father!! (allegedly – reportedly)  Its unfolding into a weird midday talk show – someone grab Maury Povich so we can end this mystery once and for all!  Interesting note… Howard was born in 1981. the hit song Billy Jean came out in 1982. ‘the kid is not my son’…. hmmm. The Jackson family says they dont buy it.  

watch this video from KTLA – the guy kinda sounds like MJ – dontcha think?  

Lindsay Lohan was on The Tonight Show last night. They played a round of War with Water. So Funny. We have the clip here. But before all the fun – Jimmy talked to Lindsay about rehab and her new bff Oprah. Her hew show Lindsay airs this Sunday night on the OWN network. She says they filmed it right after she left rehab.  



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