Heeeere’s Johnny – between the sheets! Im hearing there is an intimate tape featuring Tonight Show legend Johnny Carson and one of his wives from the 70′s. Its about 20-minutes long and was filmed in their private home – first in the backyard then inside.  

Stacy Keibler couldn’t get George Clooney to marry her – but the blonde beuaty didnt have to wait long to walk down the aisle. She is now married – after dating this new guy for only 8 months. They got hitched in mexico over the weekend.  


The Daily Star claims Simon Cowell’s son is getting his own X Factor UK dressing room. A source tells the paper, “The design will mimic a children’s nursery and will be totally sound-proofed. Eric will be able to go to the studio with Simon while he is working and not miss out on any sleep.” 

So Lindsay Lohans show debuted over the weekend on the Oprah channel. It was really eye-opening. They were calling this a docu-series – but I thought it was Oprahs fancy way of saying its a reality show. But it really was a docu-series shot in an artsy way. The entire first episode is spent on the Mean Girls star trying to find a New York apartment. But its more than that because she is a liability – most places want her to have 10-million dollar insurance policy. She says which I thought was pretty funny – “How can anyone have that?” she asks. “I’m not Oprah.” so she is living in a hotel – and from the looks of it – could also be on an episode of hoarders. Sheesh – the mess of shoes and clothes and purses – its ridiculous. It’s honest and real. And, Lindsay is being very vulnerable and human.

Meanwhile – the NY Post claims Lindsay Lohan is negotiating a $1 million deal to write her life story

The National Enquirer claims Stevie Nicks wants Lindsay Lohan sober for two years before she will even discuss allowing her to play her in a biopic. A source tells the tabloid, “Lindsay has the pipes to pull off the role and Stevie believes she’d be perfect for it.”





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