Ask and you shall receive. Oprah is on the cover of Essense magazine wearing a beautiful white sequined gown with a feathered skirt. Its gorgeous. So a fan tweeted her – you look beautiful that dress is amazing – can I please have it? You know you wont wear it again – lol! And sure enough – Oprah respoded. You are right. I wont wear it again. Contact my asistant and show her this tweet. The twitter fan named Brandi from Atlanta got the dress – she is saving it for her wedding. Once she finds Mr Right. Gotta love the social media!  

You watch True Detective right? Ok – the finale was last night… it was so popular that it crashed HBO Go, thats their online streaming service. The show stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson – and its pretty popular. The creator has still not announced plans for season two – but it is understood two new actors will take on the roles as they try to a new mystery.

On the “Bachelor” finale last night, Juan Pablo picked Nikki as the winner of his final rose. Not his love. Or the fancy diamond ring in his pocket. He did NOT propose . . . and really, he didn’t seem all that interested in giving her his love after all. The things got weird on After the Final Rose. He refused to say he loved the Nikki. No matter how many times host Chris Harrision asked him. When asked about their future, Juan Pablo said, quote, “We have our plans, but it’s something we want to keep very private.” Possible Translation: We’re DONE . . . but ABC wants us to pretend we’re still together for now.



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