Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were once inseparable.  But the former besties are hitting a rough patch.  and we can blame Bieber!  According to some reports, Taylor began distancing herself  from the 21-year-old as she was on a downward spiral that landed her in rehab. (some friend!)  Others claim that it’s because she’s fed up with Gomez’s on-again/off again relationship with Justin Bieber, which we know is something Taylor doesn’t approve of.


InTouch Weekly has published a list of Lindsay Lohan’s alleged lovers. The magazine claims she was boasting about her conquests to friends when she decided to write down her lover list. The list was discarded at a Beverly Hills hotel before InTouch Weekly obtained it.  (translation – the dug thru the dumpster to get their hands on it!)  The say the list includes:
Joaquin Phoenix
Lukas Haas
Evan Peters
Wilmer V
Jamie Dornan
Zac Efron
Justin Timberlake
Colin Farrell
Heath Ledger
James Franco
Adam Levine


So earlier this week – we heard that Stacy Keibler – George Clooneys ex – got married after only dating this new guy for 8-months. well – now we know why. she is expecting her first child! well – at least thats the rumor. we dont have confirmation and if she is, she is not that far along.  This pic is from People magazine – but as you can see, they are taken from behind – so no belly bump shots.

During awards season Matthew McConaughey began several acceptance speeches with the first words he ever uttered in a film. “Alright, alright alright” was his opening line inDazed and Confused. And he came up with that phrase himself…with the help of a Jim Morrison from the Doors. He explains it here...

21 years later, it still sounds just as good as it did back then.  Meanwhile – Entertainment weekly did a montage of all these celebs trying to ‘do’ Matthew. Its pretty funny. check it out here.

Pretty Woman the musical!!  Its being talked about.  with Garry Marshall behind it – it just might happen.  who do you think should play these famous roles?



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