Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher

US Weekly claims Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting a child together. Earlier this month – we saw Mila sporting a huge rock on her finger – which confirmed the engagement. Well – now we are hearing they are expecting their first child. Insiders say it wasnt planned – but they are ready for the challenge and are really excited. Ashton and Mila were at a Clippers game recently where they were featured on the Kiss Cam. No sign of a baby bump – but she was wearing a roomy sweater.  




Simon Cowell is trying to be a good dad – but he is not making many friends with parents on social media. He was quoted this weekend as saying “I feed Eric, I talk to him and play with him, but I don’t think dads do changing diapers. I’ll leave that up to the nanny.”  The reaction, as you can imagine, was a little harsh.  From “This idiot thinks real men don’t change diapers!” and “you Simon have an #accessory not a #baby” to  ‘The more you do for your baby, the closer you become. That’s the deal with parenthood.”  



It appears Kim Kardashian’s biggest dream has come true.  She’s made the coveted cover of Vogue magazine. Here she is with fiance Kanye West – a close friend of Vogue head honcho Anna Wintour.  Back story – Anna alwasy vowed she would NEVER have Kim on the cover. #neversaynever #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple

Not to be outdone, because everyone is a jokester these days. There have been a few spoofs of the cover. First James Franco and Seth Rogen covered up Kim and Kanye’s heads with their own. Its pretty funny. And this week – Kermit and Miss Piggy have done the photoshopping.  Click here to see those pics.  


If you are fan of the Fast and the Furious films –  Paul is back.  sorta.  Insiders say the producers are using four body doubles and CGI to keep Paul Walker in the film. They hired four actors with similar body types, and they’ll use CGI to put his face on them.  They’ll also dub in Paul’s actual voice.  Nobody associated with the movie has confirmed this.  It came from an anonymous “source”.   Fast & Furious 7 supposed to be released in 2015.  




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