Joel McHale

Joel McKale was on fire as host of the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night. The E! Host took on the biggest names in Hollywood and politics – including President Obama. This is event that is like a ‘roast’ – where the press, politicians and some Hollywood stars get dolled up and make fun of each other.  Here are two of his jokes – both aiming at The Clinton’s.  

Hillary Clinton has a lot going for her as a candidate. She has the experience, she’s a natural leader and as our first female president, we could pay her 30 percent less. That’s a saving this country could use!

 In nine months we will officially have a sequel to Bad Grandpa. When the baby is born, do you give Bill Clinton a cigar?

Click here to see some of the video from the dinner.  Some critics (including some in the crowd) thought he was too harsh with his jokes.  Isn’t that the point of this dinner?  Oh well.  


In other news…



Ben Affleck got kicked out of a casino last week for being a good gambler. Too good. He and his wife Jennifer Garner went on a romantic getaway to Vegas before he starts filming the next ‘Batman’ flick. And well, he found himself at a high rollers blackjack table – they say he was counting cards. The practice of “counting cards” is NOT illegal . . . but obviously, it can create an advantage over the House, so it’s frowned upon by casinos.  Sources say security swarmed the table Ben and told him nicely that he has to leave. He was not banned for life from the casino as rumored- Hard Rock quickly issued a statement saying its not true, and that he is welcome back anytime.


Scandal star Kerry Washington has given birth to a baby girl named Isabelle. 2 weeks ago!!! talk about taking a page out of Olivia Popes book. She keeps a good secret. Kerry also got married a year ago – and no one knew about it for a few weeks. So congrats to the happy family. And Good news for Scandal fans – no more hiding the main star behind heavy coats, big purses and tables.


Katie Couric is coming back to the Today show!! well – Savanah Guthrie is pregnant and the NBC execs are hoping to get Katie to fill in while Savannah is on maternity leave. I’d be worried if I were you Savannah.












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