Have you seen this pic?  Dwayne The Rock Johnson posted this TBT pic of himself from back in the day.  curly hair, tucked in turtleneck, big chain and fanny pack.  its priceless. 

Well – on the tonight show last night Jimmy fallon asked the question on everyones mind. Whats in the fanny pack. He answered. Poptarts. The Rock is promoting his movie Hercules and said his training was crazy… woke up at 3am. 35-minutes of cardio, hit the gym for weightlifting, then work on the set for 12 hours. Everyday for 95 days. He said he didnt mind. He wanted to make an epic film – and that means the effort has to match it. The movie is in theaters July 25. Btw – he said that kinda training was the hardest in his life. Including years he played football and was a professional wrestler.  



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