When is being a billionaire NFL owner not enough? When you’re Jerry Jones, of course.

The Cowboys’ publicity-hound owner is searching for the spotlight again and has found it as a rapping fool in a Papa John’s Pizza commercial.

The 69-year-old Jones recently debuted a new rap song in a Papa John’s commercial titled “Hip Hop Jerry.” Throughout the 30-second spot filmed at Cowboys Stadium, Jones raps about how he “lights up like a Roman candle” when his Papa John’s order arrives and promotes the restaurant’s local Cowboys 5-Star Combo deal, while dancing with a group of women and a pizza delivery man.

His “Hip Hop Jerry” number is bad enough to make the Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle” sound like a Jay-Z hit.

Jones, an oil tycoon who can’t get enough of the spotlight, has appeared in commercials and television shows in the past and makes sure his name is in print regularly. But he’s clearly has outdone himself by attempting to add “rap star” to his resume.

Sadly — or not, if you see the comedy in his folly — hawking pizza deals for Papa John’s is nothing new for Jones. Two years ago he appeared in a commercial for the pizza chain dressed as the Cowboys’ coach — after he had given Wade Phillips the boot — urging on a group of youngsters to “play like champions.” When he wraps up his schtick with “Let’s go hit somebody,” Jones gets punched below the belt by one of the little tykes – undoubtedly a welcome image for Giants, Redskins and Eagles fans.

Five years ago Jones filmed a commercial for a similar pizza deal, breakdancing in his team’s locker room after a delivery man showed up with his pizza — a stand-in did most of the dancing.

Too bad he didn’t get a stand-in for his rap debut.  When you’re the boss, I guess you can do these kinds of projects! Tell me what you think on my facebook page by clicking here.



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