Sheryl Crow might be on to Lance Armstrong. The country singer was reportedly questioned by federal investigators back in 2011. On September 1, TMZ reported that Crow could be the “smoking gun” in this case—and she may have given Lance up. It is unknown exactly what Crow revealed to authorities, but she dated him for three years…in the same time frame that Armstrong won two Tour de France titles.

If Crow knew that he was using illegal drugs to enhance his cycling, she would likely have to fess up. Some believe that she knew Armstrong best at that time and her information could be the reason Lance was stripped of his medals last month.

If Sheryl Crow was on to Lance Armstrong, she could be one of the reasons the investigation has gone on for so long. If she revealed any information to the feds, given the fact that she was with him through his most triumphant times, she could be a key part in Armstrong’s fall from glory. However, he is responsible for his own actions and if she was honest in her interview with investigators, Armstrong will just be paying the price for “cheating.”

Lance has been under investigation for 2 years and once his 7 medals were taken away he decided not to fight back against the allegations. Is this because people like Crow knew too much? Is this his way of admitting he did something wrong? Maybe.

Sheryl Crow’s probe on Lance Armstrong was probably hard for her. No one wants to “rat out” someone that they loved or truly care(d) about. However, illegal substances are, well, illegal, and if Lance used them while competing, he has to now face the consequences.

This is a tough story. Lance Armstrong was an inspiration to a lot of people. Let me know what you think on my facebook page by clicking here. 



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