This Is The 60s

A Live Multimedia Musical Experience

The 1960s were, without question, the most exciting and innovative decade in the history of popular music. It’s the soundtrack that altered the lives of millions and had a dramatic effect on everything from hairstyles to human rights.

THIS IS THE ’60S is the ultimate multimedia stage experience exploring the events that shaped the music and the music that helped shape the events of one of the world’s most turbulent periods. Through a creative blending of live music performance, film, dance, lighting, computer-generated imagery, and high-concept stage design, THIS IS THE ’60S recreates every aspect of the decade’s pop culture.

Featuring the music of: • The Beatles • The Rolling Stones • The Beach Boys • The Dave Clark Five • The Monkees • The Mamas & The Papas • The Supremes • Simon & Garfunkel • Jefferson Airplane • Cream • Janis Joplin • Jimi Hendrix • The Who • The Temptations • Three Dog Night …and many others.

More than just a musical performance, the show is a total immersion into the pop culture of the 1960s, including TV commercials, retro dance numbers, vintage fashions, TV shows, and historic newsreel footage ranging from the JFK assassination to Woodstock.

THIS IS THE ’60S is a baby boomer’s dream come true, offering them a flashback to the glory days of love beads, incense, peace signs, and some of the best music in rock history. It’s like spending a night at Shindig, the Avalon Ballroom, and the Fillmore all rolled into one.

If I wasn’t working, I’d be at the Fox. Sounds like a fun show! For tickets go to or the Box office at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Downtown Riverside. For some video of the show, click here



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