Both “The Voice” and “Dancing With the Stars” took time to recognize Oklahoma tornado victims on their Monday night broadcasts.

Throughout NBC’s broadcast of “The Voice,” viewers were given information on how they could contribute to the Red Cross, and at the start of the show, Coach Blake Shelton, who hails from Oklahoma, admitted it was a tough night.

 “They’re going through hell there, right now,” Blake said. “When we went live here, [I] finally had to set my phone down. The bad news keeps coming in. A lot of fatalities. Lot of children and it makes it hard to actually sit here and do this tonight.

 “But, got a job to do and [the] team’s counting on me, so here I am,” Blake said. “My family’s — luckily, they’re all OK.”

 The Swon Brothers, members of Team Blake, are also from Oklahoma, and they took time to send their thoughts to those affected by the tornado.

 “It’s hard to enjoy a night like [this] when stuff like that is going on,” Colton said. “It lets you know what’s really important in life.”

 “Our hearts are definitely going out to you, first and foremost,” Zach Swon added.

  Later, backstage, Colton had more words for his home state.

 “Oklahoma is a very strong state and sadly they’ve been through this before, but I know they’re gonna get back on their feet. It’s a praying state too, so that makes a world of difference in our eyes,” he said.

 “We’re definitely thinking about you and praying for you tonight,” Zach added.

 Over on “Dancing With The Stars,” co-host Tom Bergeron asked the studio audience to not clap after they returned from a commercial break during the second hour, and he used the quiet moment to recognize those suffering.

 “We’re a live show, and as such, occasionally, we go to air in the shadow of tragic events. That happened on April 15, when we went on the air hours after the Boston bombing,” Tom said. “It’s happened again today. While we’re having a celebration here, we want you to know that our thoughts are with everyone that’s been affected by the devastating tornado in Oklahoma City.”

Tom also applauded the first responders.

I know we have many challenges these days, but let’s all think good thoughts for the folks suffering in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. Let me know what you think on my facebook page by clicking here.



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