Brian Casey –  September 11, 2001. It was the day our lives changed forever.  I was working that morning at a radio station in the midwest, on east coast time, when we heard a plane of some kind went right into one of the World Trade Center buildings. We flipped on a small 9 inch black and white tv and saw the smoldering tower minutes after it happened.  Our phones began to ring with people saying it may have actually been a hijacked jet liner.  And the terror began to unfold right then. We kept playing music and watched our tv screen and watched LIVE in horror as a second passenger plane slammed into the other World Trade Center tower.

By now the music had stopped and I began reporting all the info we could get as we watched the fiery giant towers loaded with New Yorkers in them.  It was unbelievable.  Close up cameras showed reporters telling us that it was so hot that people were literally jumping for their lives to escape the ungodly heat.  And then, by 9:30AM or so, the first tower dropped to the ground.   And soon after, the other tower.   Other planes had been hijacked and we began to wonder how many and which cities and buildings might ultimately be the next targets within minutes or hours in these sudden terrorist attacks on our U. S. soil.

It was a long day on the radio with the whole staff coming in and adding information to our audience.  The following days we took listener phone calls and played patriotic songs and began telling stories of the survivors that day.  My cousin, David Morgan, a famous photographer with studios near ground zero kept us informed from the site during the mornings that week with his birdseye view.

Before the week was over, our staff was give special media badges by the police to be able to get to work, in case the city should have to shut down and the streets should have to be cleared.  Surreal.

That week we worked through fear, anger, and sorrow for those who lost loved ones.  Americans came closer together with great patriotism I had never seen displayed, perhaps exactly what it must have been like for my own Dad as a young boy, when America was surprise attacked at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The courage of ordinary people, their phone calls to us, and the quick sharing of information, held us together that week of 9/11.  Mostly, I will never forget that day for the people who lost their lives and the first responders who gave their lives for those in the towers.

Patti BannerI will always remember the events of 9-11-01.  I was anchoring the news for a radio station in Pensacola, FL.  As we heard of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center we couldn’t believe what we were hearing & seeing.  We immediately broke in to programming & gave as many details as we had, which were few.   I was nervous & ended the news-cast with the call letters of a radio station I had worked at previously.  (That’s how scared I was)  Then minutes later, the second plane hit.  We were stunned.  Details came in, in such a rapid succession.  The news-wire was going crazy.  My heart was racing, as I tried to be as accurate as I could on the air…& to be as calm as I could…not panicked.  Then, another plane hit the Pentagon…& there was word of  planes being hijacked…it was all so much to comprehend.  I was on the air for much of the day delivering updates as best I could.  Naturally, we were monitoring every TV network.  I remember watching the devastation unfold in the darkness of NYC, as the World Trade Center collapsed…people trying to escape.  It was horrifying.  I knew the world was a changed place.   Security is tighter, trust is not so freely given anymore, & I believe we all have a heightened sense of awareness…I know I do.

Producer AshleyI was A Sophomore in High School on September 11th, 2001.  I don’t quite remember that day too much.  But, I do remember everyone around me being terrified and crying, not knowing what to think.  Since it was happening so far away on the East Coast and basically on TV I felt rather safe while watching it from the privacy of our home here on the West Coast.  We sat stunned as we saw so many families affected by this tragedy….



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