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Nitwit News
The action happened at Walmart. It’s busy in Walmart. And the ladies serving up the food samples got into it. In Milton, Georgia, people over the weekend saw one of the STRANGEST Walmart brawls in a while.

Apparently there’s bad blood between 63-year-old Dorothy Kemp and 56-year-old Marissa Moody. They know each other and they have never gotten along. Things EXPLODED when they got into an argument over who could use a cutting board while serving up samples near each other in the food aisle . . . and Dorothy ATTACKED Marissa.

–In a surveillance video, you can actually see Marissa walk over to Dorothy’s station and take the cutting board . . . then Dorothy runs up behind Marissa and SHOVES HER into the nearby glass cooler.

–Marissa falls and hits the ground, and Dorothy grabs the cutting board, walks back to her station, and starts cutting more fruit to pass out.

–Dorothy was arrested for battery.

Dorothy…Yer a Nitwit!

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