You may have seen the “Rally Bear” on the news earlier this week jumping on the dugout during Monday nights game at Dodgers stadium. The prank got nationwide media attention. And it turns out that the man inside the bear costume is none other than Mark Monninger, owner of Hoppers Office Furniture in Rancho Cucamonga. Mark has a long history of being a team mascot including five years as Tremor, the mascot for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. The Dodgers don’t have a mascot, so Mark decided to do a little audition during Mondays game. Fans loved him, but security did not. They kicked him out and banned him from Dodger Stadium for six months. But now he’s become something of a local celebrity with many Dodgers fans thinking the “rally Bear” brought the team good luck! Jesse Duran and Newsman Dave Wylie dropped by and visited the “Rally Bear” Thursday afternoon in Rancho Cucamonga and found dozens of fans there taking pictures and getting autographs!



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