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Police have arrested a man suspected of being the so called “Button Down Bandit”. Redlands bank was robbed Monday and witnesses got the getaway cars license plate. That led to the arrest of 49 year old David Younger of Corona in Montclair on Wednesday. He is accused of robbing six area banks in the last month.

There may be a looming hot sauce shortage. The makes of the popular Sriracha hot sauce says new stricter health guidelines are forcing a 30 day hold on shipments. Industry insiders say customers could see shortages at stores and restaurants by the end of the month.

State tests on soil and groundwater below a Wildomar housing tract have found no chemical contamination that might explain illnesses in the neighborhood. Some local residents are packing up and leaving after claiming they’re suffering a variety of ailments.

A paraplegic councilman from Rialto is lucky to be alive after surviving a chilly night in the Cajon Pass after crashing his car.  Rialto City Councilman Shawn O’Connell left his friend’s home Tuesday night when he lost control of his car and went off the 15 Freeway and down an embankment near Glen Helen.  O’Connell eventually used his cell phone to call Police for help.  He was found Wednesday morning but remains at Arrowhead Regional Hospital recovering from a broken vertebrae, bruised lungs and a bruised kidney.

A bipartisan budget deal is headed for a vote in the House that could come today. If approved by the House and Senate, the plan would avert another federal government shutdown in January.

The sign language interpreter accused of signing gibberish at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela says he suffered a schizophrenic attack while on stage. The man told the says he started hearing voices in his head and began hallucinating.



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