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Hundreds of students at Career College of America are scrambling after the school suddenly closed the doors of its San Bernardino campus and two others this week. Career Colleges of America is a vocational school for those trying to get in to the medical field. They’re reports that teachers haven’t been paid since November and the financially struggling school was looking for another school to take them over. State officials are supposed to meet with students today.

A 16 year old girl out jogging in a North Fontana neighborhood managed to escape a would be kidnapper. The scar encounter happened just before noon on Tuesday along Bridalpath Drive. The girl says a man in a late model dark green Camry tried to pull the girl into his car. She was able to get away.The suspect is described as a thin African american man, six foot one and in his late twenties.

More trouble for Foster Farms. A Foster Farms chicken processing plant near Modesto was shut down yesterday due to cockroaches. This plant was also one of three at the heart of a salmonella outbreak that sickened more than 400 people several months ago.

A proposal to raise out car registration fees is back. The proposal calls for raising the vehicle license fee an extra one-percent of the car’s value, more than double the current vehicle license fee. Supporters say the money is needed to fix existing streets, roads, and highways.

If you are willing to switch cell phone service, you can get as much as 650 dollars from T-Mobile to pay early termination fees. Customers will have to trade in their old phones and buy a new one from T-Mobile. They’ll also have to give up their current number.



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