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Wet weather is headed our way. A small storm is expected to move through the area tomorrow night and forecasters say another larger storm coming in Friday night is expected to drop one to two inches of rain. That would be the largest storm So Cal has seen in more than two years.

A 32 year old Wildomar woman is facing a murder charge for allegedly shooting and killing her baby’s father at the Pechanga Resort and Casino Friday night. Maria Vihanek is hospitalized with a self inflicted injury. The couples six month old child was found unharmed in a hotel room.

Actor / director Harold Ramis died yesterday. Ramis helped write blockbuster 80′s films like Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Caddyshack. He was 69.

Pregnant moms using acetaminophen during pregnancy could be increasing the risk of their child developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A new study by researchers in Denmark found ADHD was more likely to develop in children whose mothers took acetaminophen while pregnant.

The national dairy industry is dumping the “Got Milk?” ad campaign it’s used for nearly 20 years. The industry’s new tagline is, “Milk Life,” which will emphasize milk’s nutritional benefits.

Police are investigating the robbery of some Girl Scouts who were selling cookies right in front of a grocery store. The scouts had set up shop at an Albertson’s in Escondido over the weekend when a guy ran out of the store and grabbed close to 50-dollars in cash from their donation jar.

There will soon be a new breakfast option. The Waffle Taco is coming soon to a Taco Bell near you. It will feature eggs and sausgae in a waffle taco shell. It’s part of a new breakfast menu being rolled out nationwide next month.



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