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The first of two storms is moving through the Inland Empire this morning. The showers are widespread and heavy in some areas which could cause some localized street flooding. In Glendora, a voluntary evacuation order has been issued for about a thousand residents living below the burn area. A second more powerful storm is set to move into the region late tonight and bring heavy rain. A flash flood watch has been posted for the Inland Empire valleys and mountains from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon.

Arizona governor Jan Brewer has vetoed a bill that would have allowed Arizona businesses to refuse service to gay patrons on business owners religious beliefs. Brewer says the bill would caused more problems than it purports to solve.

Nutrition labels could be getting a makeover. The FDA is proposing changes to the labels found on packaged foods and drinks. The new label design wouldmakes the total calorie count easier to spot and would alter serving sizes to reflect what people actually consume, such as labeling an entire can of soda as one serving.

Older fathers are more likely to have children with mental health problems. Research published in a Psychiatry journal shows that 45-year-old dads face a significantly higher risk of having children with academic and mental health problems.

That huge Marilyn Monroe statue is leaving Palm Springs at the end of the month.

The 26 foot Forever Marilyn statue has become a popular tourist attraction downtown Palm Springs. But officials say it is being moved to an exhibition in New Jersey and a farewell party is planned on March 27th.



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