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Search crews are flying home after another day of looking for the missing Malaysian jet. Australian officials say the debris believed to have been spotted on satellite imagery in the southern Indian Ocean may have sunk. Aircraft and ships are sweeping areas between India and Thailand that have already been scoured in another attempt to find the missing airliner.

A 17 year old Big Bear boy is jailed and facing charges for “sexting” nude photos of himself to at least a dozen teenage girls. Authorities say the teen was already on probation for an unrelated issue.

Walmart is being criticized for its response after a man tried to snatch a gold necklace from around the neck of a woman inside the San Bernardino store last week. The 68 year old woman says store management strongly discouraged her from calling police after the attack. She later went home and reported it. Walmart has apologized and says it is working with police to find the suspect.

The biggest phone scam the IRS has ever seen is targeting taxpayers. The agency’s watchdog says that callers posing as IRS agents have conned thousands of people. The thieves threaten victims with arrest, deportation or the loss of their business if they don’t pay up on owed taxes by wire transfer or pre-paid debit cards.

An Anaheim police dog was shot by a suspect during a confrontation yesterday. Officers returned fire and the suspect was killed. The police dog, named “Bruno,” was hit in the face by a bullet and underwent surgery, and is expected to survive.

There will be no funeral for the controversial founder of Westboro Baptist Church. Fred Phelps died of natural causes late Wednesday night. The 84-year old Phelps and his church members were known for picketing funerals including those of fallen American soldiers.

If you’re looking for a job, Riverside may be the place to go. A new report says the city of Riverside is the top city in the country for job growth. Riverside has seen big gains in jobs in construction, health care, and warehousing industries.

Twitter users can travel back in time today. In celebration of its eighth birthday, twitter has come up with a tool to let users find their very first tweet. It’s really easy. All you have to do is go to the website first-tweets.com and then enter in your username. In a flash, your first tweet comes up on the screen.



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