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There is one less office building in the IE this morning. A smokey two alarm fire destroyed an office building on East Parkridge Avenue in Corona last night. The flames caused nearly the entire building to collapse. No one was hurt. It’s unclear what started the fire.

When looking for a grocery store, most of us look for low prices, clean aisles and good customer service. With that in mind, Consumer Reports has ranked the nations top 55 supermarket chains…number one is a chain in the Northeast called Wegmans, but a close second was a so cal favorite Trader Joes. Costco was number 4 with the Inland Empire based Stater Brothers number 10. The lowest ranked store was Walmart Supercenters.

If you drive a Nissan…there is an important recall underway.Nissan is recalling more than one-million vehicles because the airbag may not work when its supposed to.  A software glitch could deactivate the front passenger airbag.  The recall covers 2013-2014 Altima and Sentra sedans as well as Pathfinder SUVs.  Several Infiniti models and the Leaf electric car are also included.  Nissan will begin making free repairs in mid-April.

If you rent, you know how expensive it is. Now it’s confirmed. California is apparently the third most expensive state in the nation for renters. A new report finds a renter here in California needs to earn at least 26-dollars an hour to afford a two-bedroom home. But researchers says the average California renter earns about 18-dollars-50 cents an hour. That means the average renter would have to work 56 hours a week to pay the rent.

The death toll is now 25 and counting in that enormous mudslide in Washington state. Searchers and rescuers continue digging through the huge debris field. Authorities say at least 90 people are still unaccounted for.

Bad weather is keeping airplanes from searching for a missing Malaysian jetliner. It’s a frustrating setback just one day after it was learned that new satellite images show 300 floating objects in a suspected crash zone.

Have you ever had something go missing after flying out of LAX? Multiple people who work at LAX are behind bars for allegedly stealing stuff from travelers luggage.

A Bay area burglary suspect has a date with the law thanks to his flirting. A guy was spotted mid-heist at a San Mateo restaurant by some of the employees early Saturday morning. The suspect got away, but one of the employees recognized him as the guy who had flirted with her a few hours earlier and given her his name and phone number. Police impersonated the young woman and set up a fake date with him. They managed to lure him out with the promise of romance and then promptly arrested him.



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