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Thousands of runners from around the world are in Boston for today’s 118th Boston Marathon. More than 35-hundred uniformed and undercover police officers will line the route. It’s the first marathon since the bombings that shocked the nation, killed three people and injured hundreds more. Many of those who were injured will run today in a triumphant show of grit, courage and defiance. Big Bear native Ryan Hall is among the elite runners competing in this mornings race.

Ryan Hall



Big Bear native Ryan Hall.

One person was stabbed to death and another injured in a fight last night at Bonaminio Park in Riverside. No arrests have been reported.

Check your fridge… Kraft is recalling 96-thousand pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners. The reason for the nationwide recall is some Classic Cheese Dogs may have gotten mixed in with the regular hot dogs. The cheese dogs contain milk, which is a known allergen. The wieners were produced on March 2nd and 3rd of this year and sent to retail stores nationwide.

A California teenager is lucky to be alive after stowing away in the wheel well of a flight from California to Hawaii. The FBI says the 16-year-old boy from Santa Clara was unharmed despite enduring frigid temperatures at 38-thousand feet and a lack of oxygen on the Hawaiian Airlines flight from San Jose to Maui.




Lindsay Lohan dropped another bombshell revelation in the final episode of her reality series “Lindsay.” Besides that alleged list of lovers that leaked to the press a few weeks ago, Lohan shared on last nights finale that she suffered a miscarriage during production of the series and missed two weeks of filming because of it. She doesn’t say who the father might have been.



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