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Authorities are investigating an officer involved shooting in Menifee last night. The incident occured at around 9:30 near Winged Foot Drive and Cherry Hills Blvd not far from the SunCity Town Hall. Details remain sketchy but the Press Enterprise reports that one person was pronounced dead at the scene. No deputies were injured.

There are many unanswered questions today about a Northern California teenage stowaway’s miraculous survival in the wheel well of a jetliner bound for Hawaii. The 16-year-old reportedly hopped a fence at the San Jose Airport and made his way into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines jet on Easter Sunday. When the plane landed hours later in Maui, he was basically unharmed. Experts are baffled by how the teen managed to survive both the freezing temperatures and lack of oxygen at 38-thousand feet.

Water customers in Riverside may continue to see a small water surcharge on their bills through 2024. The City Council is considering extending the one-point-five-percent surcharge that pays for a conservation program.

Hemet residents might notice their water looking a little funny over the next couple of days. The city is flushing the water system beginning today. The flushing helps remove sediment. Residents who see such discoloration are being told to let the water run a bit and it should clear up.

Netflix is planning to raise its monthly subscription prices by one to two dollars for new customers.The company says the higher fees will go to buying more content. Existing Netflix customers will continue to pay $7.99 a month for the time being.

and your Dancing with the Stars spoiler…Drew Carey and his partner Cheryl Burke were voted off the show last night.



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