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Police have arrested a 14 year old boy in connection with a brutal attack on an elderly woman a week ago at a Hemet retirement community. Raymond Miranda was detained late last night for attempted murder and torture for the attack on an 87 year old woman at the Camelot retirment community. A 15 year old was already in custody. The victim remains in critical condition.



Raymond Miranda

Officials in Redlands are investigating after a Gas Company meter reader allegedly killed a family’s Yorkshire terrier. The Yorki named Bean Bean and two other Yorki apparently confronted the meter reader yesterday afternoon at a house on Washington Street. The meter reader allegedly hit Bean Bean with a rubber stick and the dog later died of what appeared to be blunt force trauma. Humane society and gas company officials will meet today

CHP officials are trying to figure out what caused a school bus driver to crash his bus into a group of trees in Anaheim Hills yesterday afternoon. That driver and two students on board are in critical condition. 9 other kids were also injured. Authorities say the driver appeared to not hit the brakes when the bus went skidding down a road, up over a curb, and into a group of trees near the Anaheim Hills Golf Course.

Your morning cup of joe is about to get more expensive… A drought in Brazil is set to send coffee prices through the roof. ¬†Brazil supplies about a third of the world’s coffee, and analysts say coffee prices in grocery stores could rise as much as 25 percent by next month. ¬† Big chains like Starbucks lock in prices with their bean suppliers, you may not feel the pinch there for a while.
Postal workers are warning of layoffs, post office closures and a break up of the postal workers union because of what they call a “sweet heart deal” between the Postal Service and Staples. They say the deal displaces high paying union jobs with low payed non-union workers in Staples stores.

This weekend, people around the country can get rid of their old medications. Law enforcement will accept old medications tomorrow between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. . It’s free and anonymous. Authorities do recommend you remove labels before turning in the medications.

Olympic hero Michael Phelps is not going to win all his races in his comeback. Phelps finished second to fellow American Ryan Lochte in the men’s 100 meter butterfly yesterday in, Arizona. This is the first competition for Phelps since the 2012 London Olympics.



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