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The LA Clippers players are letting people know they’re offended by the alleged racist remarks by the team’s owner Donald Sterling. A tape surfaced over the weekend of a man, purportedly Sterlking, chastising his girlfriend for bringing black people to the games. Magic Johnson, who is mentioned on the tapes, says Sterling should sell the team. Before Sunday’s playoff game against Golden State, the Clippers players wore their shirts inside out, showing no team logo. The NBA is investigating and plans to make a decision soon.

A Phelan man who was living with his elderly mother is now behind bars accused of her murder. Michael Thompson was arrested over the weekend after police found the body of his mother Shirley. She had reportedly been beaten and strangled.

Bad news for our regions economy. After 57 years, Toyota appears to moving out of Southern California and taking with it thousands of jobs. An announcement is expected from Toyota today following multiple unconfirmed reports that suggest the company may be moving the division in Torrance to Plano Texas.

When shopping for health insurance you may want to steer clear of the cheapest option! America’s pediatricians say cheap healthcare plans are bad medicine for families with children. The American Academy of Pediatrics is warning parents against signing up for health insurance plans with low premiums and high deductibles because they will pay more in the long run

and ladies its confirmed…perpetual bachelor George Clooney is engaged to London based attorney Amal Alamuddin. Her law firm just released a statement confirming the engagement.



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