Panera Bread is making big changes at its 1800 restaurants…Panera Bread is expected to announce today that they will drop all artificial additives from their foods by 2016…that includes artificial colors, sweetners and preservatives. They are also moving to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from most of their drinks.

It could be a lonely day for poll workers. Voter turnout is expected to be extremely low for todays election which includes local races and the statewide governors race.

It turns out there is no truth to the dumb blond stereotype…Stanford researchers have found that the genes that create hair color have no influence on intelligence or other personality traits.

Alot of people don’t leave work behind when they go on vacation. More than a third of people in a new poll admit they “sometimes” check in at work, or at keep up with their e-mail. Nearly half of us don’t take all our vacation days.

A Minnesota couple had a memorable wedding over the weekend. Dan and Jackie Anderson had lined up with all 20 people in their wedding party for a photo on a small lake side dock when the dock collapsed sending everyone into the water. and it happened an hour before the ceremony. Despite that, the ceremony only started ten minutes late.



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