The high desert is shaking. A 3.5 quake centered near Oak Hills rattled the Victor Valley at 6:35 am this morning. Listeners in Victorville, Apple Valley and Fontana report feeling it. No damage or injuries are reported.

An upscale apartment complex in Ontario was locked down yesterday afternoon after an apparent murder suicide. Police initially investigating a burglary at the Camden Land Mark Apartments found a man shot to death in a third floor apartment…that led to another man who had shot himself in a second floor apartment. The men knew each other but the motive for the shooting is not clear.

Two young girls in Chino Hills are credited with saving the life a cocker spaniel named Mookie after video taping their neighbor severely beating the dog. They started taping last week after hearing the dogs cries. A 21 year old man is facing animal cruelty charges. Mookie is recovering and has been placed in a new home.

Ford is backing off fuel economy claims for a half-dozen of its vehicles.  The number-two U.S. automaker also is sending money to people who bought cars expecting the higher mileage Ford told them they would get.  Ford is lowering fuel economy ratings for the Fusion and C-Max hybrid and plug-in hybrids, as well as the Fiesta sub-compact and Lincoln MKZ hybrid.  The company says it’s sending payments to about 200-thousand people who bought or leased vehicles.  The payouts range from 125 dollars for customers who leased the 1-liter EcoBoost Fiesta, to more than a thousand dollars for people who bought Lincoln MKZ hybrids.

A new report might make you think twice before bringing that coffee on the road with you during the morning commute. Officials with San Diego-based driver safety group Lytx  say new data shows that eating or drinking while behind the wheel is nearly as risky as using your cellphone while driving.

Harrison Ford was hurt on the set of the new Star Wars movie. Ford was rushed to a London hosp[ital yesterday and treated for an ankle injury. He was reportedly hurt by the door on the Millenium Falcon. Producers say the movie will keep shooting while Ford recovers.



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