A 12 year old Rialto boy has been arrested for allegedly molesting a three year old relative in Redlands. The boy was arrested after a family visit earlier this month. Police are trying to determine if there are other victims.

The IE is the wrinkle capital of the US.A new skin care study found the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario region is tops in the nation when it comes to residents having to worry about skin damage. The Inland Empire got bad scores due to its sunny weather, hot summers, pollution and dryness.

Dr. Oz was scolded by lawmakers In washington yesterday for claims he has made about weight loss aids on his TV show. Dr. Oz admitted that his language about green coffee and other supplements was flowery and that they don’t pass scientific muster. Still he says he believes they work and even his family has used them.

In and Out is raising its prices because of rising beef and dairy costs. A double double is up 15 cents to $3.45. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are up ten cents.

Amazon will introduce a mystery product in Seattle today. Industry insiders speculate that it will be a high-end 3- d smartphone that won’t require special glasses.

It turns out selfies may be good for you. A new survey finds that selfies motivate many of us many to stay in shape and camera-ready. More than three-quarters of women say posting photos on social media has encouraged them to eat healthy and exercises. Fifty percent of guys agree.



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