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A Chino man is accused of sexually assaulting at least five women he contacted through the dating website Zoosk. Investigators say 48 year old Andrew Hernandez posed as a doctor when he contacted the women. He’s also suspected of stealing thousands of dollars of items from the women. Police are concerned there could be more victims.



Andrew Hernandez

The city of San Bernardino may turn to marijuana to help solve their financial problems. The City attorney is proposing that the city allow some medical marijuana dispensaries and tax the pot sales. Palm Springs is the only Inland city that allows dispensaries and they expected to raise a half million dollars a year. San Bernardino officials are drafting an ordinance and the city council will look at it in a couple weeks.

The water from the flood in West LA is finally shut off, and now crews are working to re-open Sunset Boulevard by tomorrow night. Some 20-million gallons of water spilled out following the rupture earlier this week. UCLA says the new baskettball court at nearby Pauley Pavilion has buckled because of the flooding.

It’ll take more than an extra hour at the gym to work off Red Robin’s 35-hundred calorie “Monster” double burger meal. Its been named the single most unhealthy meal at any chain restaurant. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, it would take 12 straight hours of brisk walking to erase the artery-clogging side effects.

Former Angels star Troy Percival is the new baseball head coach at UC Riverside.

Twitter is atwitter again with reaction to “Sharknado 2: The Second One.” SyFy’s B-movie sequel about a tornado-fueled shark attack on New York City quickly shot to number one on Twitter trending during its Wednesday night premiere.



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