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Wild weather Sunday in the Inland Empire with thunderstorms dropping up to four inches of rain in some areas. That resulted in flooding and mudlsides. About 500 church campers remain trapped at Forest Home in Forest Falls and the town of Oak Glen had been shut off due to mud and debris but Oak Glen Road is back open. One person was killed in the Mt Baldy area when their car was swept away and a home in Highl;and was flooded.Flooding also reported in Reche Canyon, and LaVerne. There is a slight chance of thunderstorms today but its not expected to be anything like yesterday.

A stretch of Sunset Boulevard in the West LA is now open nearly a week after that huge water main break. Crews finished repairs early this morning.

PF Chang is reporting a security breach that may have led to customers info being stolen at 33 restaurants including ones in Rancho Cucamonga and Temecula. The breach may have taken place between 4/10/14 and  6/11/14. Click on the link for details: http://www.pfchangs.com/security/

When’s the last time you got a raise…the Riverside County Sheriff, district attroney and other elected officials could be in line for pay increases of nearly 25 percent. The board of supervisors will consider the raises tomorrow.

Are keeping something from your spouse? A new British survey finds that 20 percent of people say they are keeping “a major secret” from their husband or wife. Of those, one in four admit that their lie is so significant, they fear if their spouse found out it would end their marriage.

There is a mysterious creature roaming the streets of Norwalk. A surveillance camera caught what appears to be a very large cat wandering through a neighborhood last week. With have a screen shot up on the KOLA facebook page. Experts aren’t sure what it is but speculations runs from a African lion to a leopard to a mountain lion….even some have joked that its a chupacabra.



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