Academy awards are Sunday night.  And a lot of us have been watching since we were kids.  So who is Oscar, and how did he get his name?  Why not call him George, Melvin or Vic?  The Oscar is officially called The Academy Award of Merit. One theory from the  Academy Awards’ website, Meet The Oscars, is that an Academy librarian, Margaret Herrick, said that the statue looked a lot like her Uncle Oscar, and the staff began jokingly referring to the statue as “Oscar.” Through the late 1930′s the name caught on, but it wasn’t officially used by The Academy Award show until 1939. This is not a totally proven story, but it’s worthy enough to appear on the official Academy Awards website.  Huh?  That’s it?  Well, okay.  If you want to follow the Oscars on Sunday, you can print an official ballot here.  And Vic Slick KOLA Face Book here.



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