Recognize anyone?  Could one of these teenagers be somoene you know? A parent or relative?   During The Beatles’ first U.S. visit in February 1964, Ringo Starr snapped this photo as the carload of teens passed the band on a freeway.  Now the famous drummer is wondering who and where they are. So take a closer look.  Recognize anyone in Starr’s snapshot?  The six (one is faintly visible on the far right) are likely in their 60s now. Starr’s memory is fuzzy, but he believes he took the photo in Florida, possibly in Miami. Is that you in the driver’s seat? Or do you know one of the passengers? If you can shed light on the identities of Ringo’s mystery subjects, e-mail USA TODAY music writer Edna Gundersen at or reach out on Twitter, @EdnaGundersen.  Face Book here.



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