Jesse Duran

  • After 19 years on the air in the Inland Empire, I have had the pleasure of "growing up" with many of you. Now I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my career here at KOLA 99.9!
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    I love Music, especially Music from the 80's! And I look forward to playing some of my favorites for you on KOLA. And giving you the great prizes you love!

    What are my other passions? Sports! I am huge hockey, Football, and Baseball fan. And I still play Hockey, Football, Basketball, and Tennis recreationally. I also root hardcore for the Minnesota Vikings ( Just like Cindy Davis) But unlike Cindy, my favorite baseball team is whoever is playing the Yankees! I also love the Lakers, The LA Kings, The Dodgers and Angels!
    (You can like both...they are in different leagues!)

    I am a huge movie buff and I was once even a Tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood!

    But mostly I am a fan of radio and I believe in the "Magic" of local radio. I look forward to keeping you entertained, informed, and being a part of your lives, right here in the I.E.!

Irma Blanco

  • I've been doing this a long time. Over two and a half decades and counting in the radio biz...and I love it! I have had the pleasure of working all over the country but So Cal is where I belong.
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    I'm crazy about my familia. My hubby Peter and I have been married almost 10 years and our amazing daughter Sophia just turned 6. Plus I have a huge Cuban family – most living and working right here in the IE.

    At home, I'm the one with the tool belt. I love DIY projects and I credit my dad and 3 older brothers for teaching never to be afraid of a power drill. So as you can imagine I love Pinterest. I'm always doing cute crafts and things with and for my daughter.

    I love the Angels, the Clippers and I'm a huge LA Kings hockey fan! If I wasn't waking you up every morning – I would probably own a flower shop or be a party planner. In my free time I love to shop for bargains, garden, cook, craft, travel and nap.

    And I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich.

    I love all social media! Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also have two mommy blogs I'm really proud of, irmablanco.tumblr.com and yourmommyminute.tumblr.com.

Cindy Davis

  • Southern California native, Cindy Davis hits the airwaves each weekday to keep you company through your work day.
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    I am a Southern California native. I was born in Long Beach.. but my folks moved the family to a little town called Leona Valley (near Palmdale) when I was still a baby. There was no t.v. reception in those "pre-satellite" days so radio was "it" for entertainment.. and, guess what?.. it still is! I am not much of a television watcher.

    I got my first radio job right out of high school at a station in Lancaster. We have six "kids" in the form of dogs "Diego", Charlie Brown", & "Mindy", and "Annie", "Maggie" & "Shane", our horses. My hobbies include horse-back riding, boating and water skiing.

    Even though I've never been to the great state of New York, I am a huge Yankees fan!.. especially the great player who will be the last to wear number "42" - Mariano Rivera! I also enjoy watching Minnesota Vikings football.

    I have also had the honor of being an organ donor.. and I highly recommend it! I donated a kidney to my husband Barry in February of 2004. Awesome experience! Below is a link where you can get information and (I hope) sign up!


Vic Slick

  • Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Vic Slick is an icon in the world of classic car shows. Listen to Vic each weekday afternoon, as you finish your work day.
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    I'm a homeboy! Born and raised here in the I.E., by way of Colton!

    I began my radio career in 1983 and this summer I'll celebrate my 25th anniversary! And this fall it's my 15th anniversary here at KOLA! I love it here at KOLA! I actually get paid for playing the music I grew up with!

    I have six children! (yes, I said six!) My 3 sons live in Colton, and I live in Yucaipa with my wife Lisa & my three daughters.

    You know I'm the unofficial king of car shows! I Love classic car shows & classic car cruises. For more info click here!

    Thanks for checking out my KOLA page, and keep here on KOLA for "All Classics, All the Time!"

Kevin Machado

  • Join Kevin Machado weekday evenings, as he continues his tremendous career in broadcasting to KOLA 99.9.
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    Since 1999, Kevin Machado has hosted the night show here at KOLA and continues to enjoy the party. His favorite band are the Eagles with the Doors coming in a close second. Kevin is also an avid sports fan and cheers for the Angels and San Francsico 49ers.

    Kevin enjoys going to the Theater, and has seen "Jersey Boys" three times! His favorite movies of all time are the Godfather, One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest and Network. Kevin also enjoys boating with his lovely wife Renay in Laughlin, NV.

Casey Kasem

  • Join Casey Kasem each weekend as he counts down the hits from the 70s & 80s! Listen to American Top 40 - The 80s Saturday mornings 5a-9a. Then listen for American Top 40 - The 70's Sunday mornings 6a-9a. Ever miss any of the top 10 in the countdown? Listen Sunday night at 7 as we play the top 10 from the weekend's 70s show. Then at 8p it's the top 10 from the weekend's 80s show.