play aloha bingo!

KOLA 99.9 and San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino are giving you a chance to getaway with a share of $19,000, and a 15 night Hawaiian Cruise!

On September 26, 2013 from 7:30p-9:30p, we'll play 10 games of bingo. The first nine are worth $1,000 each. Then between games 9 & 10, someone will win a raffle for a 15 night Hawaiian Cruise!  But the fun isn't over yet.  Game #10 is the grand prize and it's worth $10,000!

Winning is so easy!!!

  1. Turn all your radios at home, at work, and in the car to KOLA 99.9

  2. Listen for the cue-to-call:

    Every hour on the :10's (6:10a - 9:10p)

    Every hour on the :10's (10:10a - 9:10p)

    Every hour on the :10's (10:10a - 6:10p)

    (Times are approximate. Be safe and be ready within 5 minutes either side of the scheduled contest time)

  3. Be the 20th caller at 909-798-5600, tell us that hour’s bingo number and you’ll instantly win 2 admissions to the final event.

Entertainment By Islanders Luau

Bonus Chance!

You can enter online now for a chance of winning 2 admissions into the final event.   Your first entry is free!  Then, improve your chances of winning by using your points.  The more points you use, the greater your chance of getting into the final event.


Official Contest Rules
San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino