Bonus Code For Points!

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At KOLA 99.9, we're kicking off our 20th Anniversary
with $20,000 in Cash & Prizes!

And naturally, it wouldn't be a celebration without a part of the fun and prizes being the
one and only KOLA Dollar Bill Game! It’s the only game that turns a one dollar bill into $100 cash!


It's Easy To Win:

  1. Find a one dollar bill with at least three 9's anywhere in the serial number.
    They don't have to be in a row.  But there must be at least three 9's!

  2. Listen weekdays at 7:40am, 11:40am, 2:40pm, 4:40pm

  3. If you're the correct caller at (909) 798-5600, you can turn that one dollar bill into $100!